Freedom Mobile Bargaining Update #21
Posted 2017-Sep-18

Since the company's lockout threat and as promised in our statement on Friday, membership consultations have taken place and now we are ready to move to the next step with a full membership meeting this week, likely Wednesday.

We will arrange the meeting, as usual, to be held at various times to allow all members to attend and take part.

At that meeting we will:

1)    Review what happened at mediation last week, including Freedom's explanation for refusing to bargain that day toward an improved package.
2)    Review and discuss the company's unchanged package and your union's position on the important issues in dispute (wages, vacation rights and recognition of seniority).
3)    Provide detailed information on the support that the union will provide to you in the event of a lockout, including:

* Lockout pay (non-taxable income) from the USW S Support from Steelworkers and other union activists across the country
* And other campaign measures designed to move Shaw and Freedom toward a fair settlement.

Watch your email and texts for meeting time and location details, as well as for information about USW lockout pay.

In solidarity,

Bryan Adamczyk (USW Staff Rep), Jenn Bucholtz, John Hockley (USW National Local Union 1944 Reps), Jay Gannon, Christian Poisson, Tanya Travis Dunn (elected committee members)