Freedom Mobile Bargaining Update #11
Posted 2017-Aug-1

Back at the bargaining table this Wednesday, is this a positive sign?

We had productive face-to-face bargaining with Freedom Mobile’s management committee from July 25-28. The federal conciliation officer was there, seeking to help us come to agreement on key issues for employees and the company. But, when we ended on Friday July 28 we did not have any more dates booked to bargain until mid-August.

But suddenly late Friday afternoon, Freedom contacted us and asked to meet again in Windsor on Wednesday August 2.

We agreed. It may be a positive sign. Any chance to talk increases the chances of coming to an agreement. We’ll see

Remember, our goal, with your support, is a fair first collective agreement. This will make Freedom a better place to work. And that will be good for employees, customers and the company. We’ll keep you posted!

Don’t miss the support for us from the global union federation UNI, representing international federation of unions with more than 3 million workers in the information, communication, technology and services sectors.

When companies do well, employees deserve to do better too. Here are some of Shaw's results for the quarter year ending May 31:

Consolidated revenue for the quarter was $1.31 billion, up by 2.8% from the same period last year. Wireless revenue (i.e. Freedom’s revenue) for the quarter was $154 million, up by 16.7%. Quarterly profit from continuing operations nearly doubled, boosted by wireless subscriber gains.

Shaw executives continue to express their commitment to growing the wireless business. Jay Mehr, Shaw President, has said that Shaw is “doubling down on wireless” and that Shaw’s goal is to be a powerful player in wireless with “millions and millions and millions” of subscribers. Shaw has previously stated its goal to move from 2% up to having 25% of the wireless market in Canada.

Shaw and Freedom can afford more fairness for hard-working Freedom Mobile employees here in Windsor.

We’ll bargain as long as it takes to make progress toward more fairness.

In solidarity,

Bryan Adamczyk (USW Staff Rep), Jenn Bucholtz, John Hockley (USW National Local Union 1944 Reps), Jasen Gannon, Christian Poisson, Tanya Travis Dunn (elected committee members)

Questions or comments? Contact your committee members or email