Congratulations to USW’s Leadership Development Scholarship Students
Posted 2017-May-5

Seven more members will be attending the prestigious USW’s Leadership Development Scholarship program this summer.

  These members will have the opportunity for specialized activist training in a four-year program in a classroom of rank and file Steelworkers from various workplaces across North America.

Participants will be given the skills to expand their strategic planning and leadership abilities, and learn to effectively communicate with the community and media.  There will be a heavy emphasis placed on a collaborative learning atmosphere that will help leaders define and obtain goals.

Congratulations to Steven Macintosh, Arjay Plain, Brooke Downey, and Maxime Deveau who have been selected and will be starting their training in May, and to Elana Felty, Christopher Endicott, and Kyle Johnston who will start in July.  Participants are selected based on their activism, interest, and commitment within our local and their communities.

“These members have shown they have the potential to achieve great things and could be future leaders in our union.  Other members who have started training through the LDS program have come back to their units full of good ideas and skills to help our members,” said National Local 1944 President Lee Riggs.  “I’m excited to see how these members will positively influence their workplaces and what they will be able to achieve once they complete the leadership program.”

The members selected this year, as well as members who are in their second and third year of the program, will all be heading to Linden Hall in Pennsylvania for their training.  We wish them all the best during their studies and know that they will proudly represent our National Local.

In solidarity,

The Telecommunications Workers Union, United Steelworkers National Local 1944