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COMMITTEES - members as of February 21, 2018

Elected Committees


Michael Courneyea
Erika Crowe
Max Deveau
Rita-Lisa Holopainen
Tony Lebel, (Chairperson)
David Skrober


Education - Education Webpage

Natasha Aodan
Louise Banville
Richard Blais
Diana Latif
Nancy McCurrach, (Chairperson)
Wendy Werbitski
Michelle Ravary - 1st Alternate
Jennifer Bucholtz, Local Union Rep


John Alma
Brooke Downey
Terika Peters
Karen Phillips
Sean Royds
Sebastien Whissell
Michael Phillips, ex officio

Local Annual Delegated Meeting Chair and Vice-Chair

Robert Briza - Chairperson
Michael Goodmurphy - Vice-Chairperson

Pension Trustees -- TWU

Lee Riggs,President
Michael Phillips, Secretary-Treasurer
Carol Nagy
Chris Stephens

Solidarity-- TWU

Minh Khoi Chau
Sabrina Daniells
Keven Robert-Keays
Robert Messier
Arjay Plain
Michael Stead, (Chairperson)
Mike Lucas, Local Union Rep


Appointed Committees

Jems (Clerical Job Classifications/Evaluation)

Betty Carrasco, Vice-President
Tamara Marshall, Local Union Rep - BC
Juanita West, Local Union Rep - AB

Employment Equity

Marton Szabo
Robin Arndt, Local Union Rep BC
Tricia Watt, Local Union Rep ON

Contracting Out, Monitoring and Action (COMAC) - Contracting Out Webpage

Reuben Kahn
Perry Pasqualetto, Local Union Rep

Employee Life & Health Plan Trustees

Czar Loquia
Rachel Roseneder
Jenn Bucholtz, Local Union Rep
Tamara Marshall, Local Union Rep

National Health & Safety - Health and Safety Webpage

Corey Mandryk - Shaw (Vice-Chairperson)
Greg Kadey - AB (Secretary)
Danis Bouffard - QC
Michelle Dey - BC  (Chairperson)
Karen Hannah-Masse - AB
Michelle Ravary - ON
John Sambrooke - BC
John Alma - Alternate AB North
Gene Granstrom - Alternate BC
Paul Hutchinson - Alternate AB South
Keller Reeves - Alternate - Shaw
Diane Latif - Alternate - QC
Mike Lucas, Local Union Rep
Ron Palmer, Local Union Rep

Civil and Human Rights - Human Rights Webpage

Candace Knoll - BC
Vacant - BC
Vacant – BC Alternate
Tamara Marshall- BC Local Union Rep/ HRO

Vacant - AB
Marie Hutchinson - AB
Vacant - AB Alternate

Lauren Harrington- ON
Brooke Downey - ON
Vacant - ON Alternate
Tricia Watt- ON Local Union Rep/ HRO

Launa Lazariuk- QC- (Secretary)
Sebastien Whissell- QC - (Chairperson)
Vacant - QC Alternate
Isabelle Miller - National Vice-President, ex officio

Clerical Steering Committee

Karen Hannah-Masse
Rita Holopainen
Jodi Kawinsky
Kristine Pawluk
Michael Stead
David Skrober
Juanita West, Local Union Rep

Operator Services Steering Committee

Robin Arndt, Local UnionRep
Joe Benn, Local UnionRep
Harmony Jackson, Local Union Rep

Note: Each Operator Services Local selects a representative to be on the committee

Plant Steering Committee
Matthew Aiken
Brent Armstrong
Josh Babstock
Gordon Dalueg
Harleigh Hansen
Karen Phillips
Perry Pasqualetto, Local Union Rep

Political Action - Political Action Webpage

Richard Blais - AB
Steve Durrell - AB
Robert Briza - QC - (Chairperson)
Brian Fowlow - ON
Nancy McCurrach - BC
Vacant - BC
Chris Stephens, Local Union Rep
Joe Benn, Local Union Rep
John Hockley, Local Union Rep


Technology Committee



Women of Steel Committee

Natasha Aodan
Kaoutar Belaaziz
Julie Charbonneau
Sabrina Daniells
Sheila Gorman
Valerie Kung
Rachel Roseneder
Betty Carrasco, Vice President


Next Generation Committee

Brady Barham
Kyle Johnston
Crystal Morris
Scott Stennes - (Chairperson)
Harmony Jackson, Local Union Rep
Anthony Lebel, Local Union Rep

Federations of Labour & CLC Committees (Appointed)

Alberta (AFL)

Child Care Working Group -- Ron Palmer
Political Action -- Joe Benn

British Columbia (BC FED)

Human Rights -- Tamara Marshall
Occupational Health and Safety -- Mike Lucas
Political Action --
Women's Rights -- Betty Carrasco

Ontario (OFL)

Human Rights -- Tricia Watt
Women's Rights -- Tricia Watt
Visible Minorities -- Tricia Watt

Quebec (FTQ)

FTQ Director -- Isabelle Miller

Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)

Education Committee -- Jenn Bucholtz
Women's Committee -- Betty Carrasco