Campaign Updates

Keep Jobs in Canada

The Keep Jobs in Canada Campaign’s online petition has amassed nearly 7000 signatures since the May 6th launch on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. This is great news but we can do better! Canadians are gravely concerned about unemployment in Canada and speaking out about the devastating impact that the offshoring of jobs has on our economy and communities. This sends a clear message to the Government who seems to have turned a blind eye: Enough is enough!

Keep Jobs in Canada Campaign site at where you can also sign the online petition, send a letter to your MP, or simply follow the Campaign on Fickr, Twitter, You Tube, and Facebook.

Off-shoring of Jobs - Letter to Member of Parliament

Now is your chance as a Telecommunications Workers Union member to help out your Public Awareness Committee! As part of its ongoing effort, the Public Awareness Committee has launched a letter writing campaign to Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister to stop the off-shoring of Canadian jobs.

Please refer to the following link to access a template letter which you can e-mail to a Member of your choice from the list displayed on the site:

Letter to Member of Parliament

Thank you for your support. Please feel free to e-mail any suggestions or comments to members of the Public Awareness Committee at

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