Bargaining Update #6
Posted 2017-May-13

News Flash!!!? Well, not so much really…

Bargaining at Freedom is exactly like bargaining almost everywhere else!!!

Mr. Peters sent an email yesterday noting that the company has sought the involvement of the federal conciliation service. In other words, Freedom has ‘applied for conciliation’.

This is exactly what happens in many other sets of bargaining across Canada and is a very normal part of collective bargaining. So this is not a surprise in any way.

In fact, we told Freedom management at the table this week that if the company had not filed for conciliation, your union was planning to do so any way.

What this means is that both your union and the company recognize that the assistance of a ‘third party’ is needed to reach an agreement.

This ‘conciliation process' is a key part of our federal labour law. It is designed to help the parties move toward settlement.

And in the coming weeks, while the process of the federal ministry of labour is appointing a conciliation officer to assign to these talks, the bargaining will continue. We are set to meet again on May 31, June 1 and 2.

So keep the faith in a better future at Freedom and Shaw.

Your unity and support is vital, and across Canada your union is behind you 100%.

Bryan Adamczyk (USW Staff Rep), Jenn Bucholtz and John Hockley (USW National Local Union 1944 Reps), Jay Gannon, Christian Poisson and, Tanya Travis Dunn (elected committee members)