Bargaining Update #4
Posted 2017-Apr-25

Canada Labour Board agrees with your union, orders Freedom Mobile to comply with federal law

You’ll recall that Freedom Mobile had refused to comply with your union’s request for bargaining unit employees’ contact information.  The Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) has repeatedly issued rulings that make it 100% clear: a company’s refusal to provide a union with employees’ home addresses and phone numbers is contrary to the Canada Labour Code and the Board will order the company to release the information to the union.

On April 6, we filed a formal unfair labour practice complaint to the Canada Industrial Relations Board about the company’s refusal to follow the law.  We were very confident that the Board would require Freedom to do as we asked, so that we can effectively communicate with all bargaining unit employees.
On April 24, the Board did just that, with an order that Freedom comply with our request within 5 days. Below are the relevant excerpts from the Board’s decision and order



Now therefore
We hope this means that Freedom Mobile will now also respond properly to your union’s longstanding request for financial information we need in order to effectively bargain around wages and benefits – vital issues for you and your fellow members.

Back at the table

We are back at the bargaining table April 26 and 27 and then again on May 2, 3, 10 and 11. We will continue our work to bargain a fair collective agreement.
In solidarity for a better working future at Freedom Mobile,

Jasen Gannon, Christian Poisson and, Tanya Travis Dunn (elected committee members)
Bryan Adamczyk (USW Staff Rep), Jenn Bucholtz and John Hockley (USW National Local Union 1944 Reps)