Bargaining Update #2
Posted 2017-Mar-31

As always - Spread the Word - provide this to any co-workers who may not be on the distribution list yet.

We completed three more full days of collective bargaining this week and return to the table on April 4 and 5, April 26 and 27 and then again on May 2, 3, 10 and 11. Bargaining this week continued to have a polite and respectful tone. We made progress on several matters, but they were not yet major issues. On issues of key importance for the membership there are significant differences of opinion between your committee and the management team across the table. It is your support that is vital to help us make progress in these key areas as bargaining continues. As always, our goal is a fair first agreement that recognizes the contribution you make to the success of Freedom Mobile and Shaw. We are building a Contract Action Team (CAT) – a group of volunteer members whose job it will be to help hand out these leaflets face-to-face to each member during non-work time and to listen to members for questions or concerns that need to be communicated to your bargaining committee. Watch for your CAT members soon.

In solidarity for a better working future at Freedom Mobile,

Jay Gannon, Christian Poisson and, Tanya Travis Dunn (elected committee members)

Bryan Adamczyk (USW Staff Rep),

Jenn Bucholtz and John Hockley (USW National Local Union 1944 Reps)

Keep an eye out for our next update! Your Bargaining Committee thanks you for all of the support we are getting from the members. Together we can build a better future at Freedom.