Asian Heritage Month 2017
Posted 2017-May-3

Throughout the month of May, we celebrate Asian Heritage Month, where we pay tribute to Asian Canadians and their contributions to Canada’s rich multicultural tapestry.

“Our National Local is full of members from all cultural and racial denominations and we celebrate the diversity within our union,” said National President Lee Riggs. “This month as we pay homage to the trials and tribulations of Asian Canadians, we also recognize the continued need to break down barriers and stereotypes and fight against discrimination. We must work together to strengthen human rights laws and to persevere in the promotion of diversity within our workplaces and communities.”

Members are encouraged to reach out to Asian Canadian Activists and ask what you can be doing to provide a more inclusive workplace, or to gain insight on their heritage and perspective. You can also educate yourself about influential Asian Canadians, and important events in Asian Canadian history at the Government of Canada website, which has themed Asian Heritage Month 2017 as the “Celebrating of Asian Canadians: Canada 150.”

Members are also encouraged to attend Asian Heritage Month events, which will be hosted throughout May in various communities. Check local listings to find an event near you, or check the following websites for more information:


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