Add your name!
Posted 2016-Dec-9

The other day, we wrote to you about our new campaign – Hang Up On Abuse. Today, I am asking that you add your name to the petition.

Every day, call centre workers in Canada face abuse in many forms. Death threats. Racist insults. Sexual harassment. It’s appalling that this abuse happens and that the worker on the other end of the line can’t hang up - no matter what the caller says - for fear of losing their job.

Help empower workers to end abusive calls without having to face disciplinary action from their employer.

Friend, sign the petition calling on Canadian call centre employers to adopt the Hang Up On Abuse Policy.

These past few days we've been able to make our campaign national news. It was because of people like you who shared the call centre worker video. Now that we've got the momentum, it is important for us to share the petition and show corporations just how many Canadians stand in solidarity with call centre workers.

1. Share the petition on Facebook.

2. Tweet out the petition to show you support.

Together, we can help Canadian call centre workers #HangUpOnAbuse.

Thank you for your help in stopping abuse.
In solidarity,

Ken Neumann
National Director
United Steelworkers